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Video Conference Etiquette

With the increased need for video conferencing to communicate with our clients and co-workers, it is important to be mindful of proper etiquette.

Preparing for a video conference as if you were meeting in person is always the best practice. Here are some additional tips to keep your upcoming conference efficient and respectful.

1. Appearance- Bathe, shave, comb hair and dress appropriately.

2. Preparation- Be courteous of the leader and other attendees; test your wi-fi connection, and audio and video in advance, including your headset or headphones.

3. Environment- It is best to have a clean desk with nothing distracting in the background (i.e., birds, animals, posters, art, etc.); It should be a quiet as possible with minimal distractions (be mindful of your surroundings, this can include kids, animals and other conversations.

4. Audio- We often forget the other attendees can hear all of the audio from our computers. Be sure to turn off your messaging and email notifications on all nearby electronics. When possible, mute your audio so as not to distract the presenter or other attendees.

5. Camera- Speak directly to the camera and avoid looking at yourself. Remember if the view is in full screen, other attendees can still see you. Do not appear distracted by checking your phone, biting your nails, etc. If you need to, hide your camera when necessary- as a reminder some conferences are recorded.

6. Chat rooms- Ensure you are in the appropriate chat box and be respectful of others.

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