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The Key to a Seamless Trial

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Aquino Trial Services will work with you from inception of the case through complex discovery, all the way with trial preparation to inside the courtroom.  We provide customized services to meet each client's needs and working preferences. As seasoned veterans in the legal industry, we provide a comprehensive suite of trial support services to help legal teams prepare for and succeed at trial.  Preparation and organization is the key to a seamless trial.

Our goal is to present every case efficiently, effectively and in a visually compelling manner.  This allows trial teams to focus on their expertise and manage the case without technology concerns.  Research has shown that the majority of jurors are visual learners, both through the electronic and physical display.  To be successful in the courtroom, trial teams must sway decision-makers from the start with a powerful opening statement and throughout the case using the display of electronic evidence.  

Aquino Trial Services applies interactive trial presentation technology to persuasively present evidence to assist our clients in victory.  Our highly trained trial technology specialists are available to display evidence and deposition testimony on-the-fly, annotate exhibits, make call-outs and provide all-around in-trial tech and after-hours support.  Partnering with us will provide peace of mind you won't find elsewhere.  With being an experienced trial paralegal, attending to your case and technical needs, the entire trial team will feel supported and enabled for success.

Trial Support

We are here for all your trial support needs. Our services include witness and exhibit list management, trial witness notification and coordination,  video deposition designations, and witness exam prep.

Trial Technician

(Zoom or in-person)

Our trial presentation specialists can assist with courtroom setup, video syncing, video deposition designations, and presenting electronic evidence using Trial Director or OnCue at any evidentiary/administrative, hearing or mediation, arbitration or trial..


Our design experts combine a dedicated focus on clean and clear visuals. We offer compelling demonstratives, graphics, timelines, medical illustrations, animations and PowerPoint presentations.

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Paralegal Services

We know that a trial’s success is contingent upon its organization. We are happy to draft pre-trial documents, including but not limited to witness lists, exhibit lists, jury instructions, verdict forms and trial subpoenas.  

Project Management  & Trial Logistics

Aquino Trial Services has the ability to get things done, offering both on-site and remote availability. We can be your coordinator with courtroom staff, court reporters, transportation, caterers, war room venues/set-up, printing of exhibit binders, third-party vendors and everything in between.

Online Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Mock trials and focus groups are designed to evaluate your case, uncover potential exposure and provide realistic verdicts. We handle all of the technology logistics: hosting, tech checks, coordination with jurors, breakout rooms, recordings and recruitment. We also work with very skilled jury consultants around the nation in efforts to analyze the juror data, prepare themes, voir dire and social media research on potential jurors. 


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— Teresa B.

So glad to have been introduced to this company Excellent trial services. Anticipated our needs and went above and beyond.

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